3 ways to save on a small salary

Monthly income is what enables a human being to live and meet his or her basic needs. But not knowing how to use it well, one faces financial failure due to unnecessary expenses. Many people face this problem and are unable to save from their salary. If you are in the case, just follow the three methods that this article suggests.

First method: Calculate your fixed, variable and impulsive monthly expenses

Fixed expenses are nothing but the financial outgoings that a man makes every month. As fixed expenses, there are the costs of rent, electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet, insurance, satellite subscription, etc. The amount paid for these expenses is fixed and known in advance. It does not vary. However, you should calculate the total sum of these expenses to get an idea before you acquire your salary. This calculation will give you an idea of what you will have left at the end of the month apart from these expenses.
Variable expenses are the financial outgoings that vary from month to month according to your needs. Variable expenses include: food, clothing, health, transport, hygiene, etc. The amount set aside for these expenses is never known in advance. However, a small calculation should be made to get an approximate idea. This would avoid unnecessary expenses. For monthly impulse spending, these are financial outflows that do not matter. They are made out of pride or excessive envy. It is best to refrain from these expenditures. If you don't feel the need to buy something that is important to you, leave it and save the money.

Second method: Calculate your monthly income and do a monthly budget analysis

Monthly income is the total amount of money you take in each month as salary. It includes your base salary plus bonuses plus other financial inputs. All the expenses mentioned are paid out of this monthly income. However, after calculating the expenses, a subtraction must be made from the monthly income. This small calculation will give you your financial reserve for the rest of the month. So, it is important to do an analysis on this monthly income or budget so that you know where you stand.

Third method: Reduce your miscellaneous and insurance expenses

Miscellaneous expenses are the charges that cover water, electricity and gas. These are certainly essential for everyday life, but can be cut back. For example, use less water in a day to reduce the bill. Review the use of your electrical appliances such as television, lamps, fan, etc., in order to reduce the amount of money you have to pay for the bill. For gas, you can use a simple method such as the use of coals. For the insurance costs, you have the choice to reduce them. Apart from reducing expenses, it is also important to review the amount of money spent on clothing and aesthetics. After that, don't forget to save part of your financial reserve for unforeseen events.

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