What are the causes and consequences of cramps?

Cramps are painful spasmodic contractions that are felt mainly in the leg and foot, more specifically in the calves. It is a muscular accident that occurs unexpectedly and lasts only a few seconds or even minutes. There is no cure for cramps except to rest.

Causes of cramps

Cramps are caused by several faults. The causes vary from one cramp to another. There are three types of cramps namely, sports-related, metabolic and condition-related cramps. Sports-related cramps are caused by excessive pressure on the legs. When exercising, if you perform a series of difficult movements, these can trigger a cramp. Also, starting a sport without warming up can cause cramps.
For metabolic cramps, they are caused by a blood disorder that disturbs the blood flow. This is due to the cold. The lack of vitamins B1, B5 and B6 in the organs is also the cause. Cramps are also caused by certain diseases such as diabetes, polio, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. When you are affected by any of these diseases, you will experience cramps from time to time.

Consequences of cramps

Cramps attack the lower limbs, specifically the calves of the foot. They have no symptoms that can allow you to anticipate the pain. Cramps come on suddenly, disabling you for seconds or even minutes. When they are triggered, you feel excruciating pain in the muscles that is unbearable. So to cope with this pain, just rest. At the same time, stop what you are doing. If it is at sports, apply strong pressure on the calf by tapping it with strong strokes successively. To prevent cramps, always warm up before starting sports. If the pain is caused by any of the above-mentioned conditions, it is advisable to call a doctor.